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In ancient Greece and Rome, garlic enjoyed a variety of uses, from repelling scorpions to treating dog bites and bladder infections to curing leprosy and asthma.

It was even left out as an offering to the Greek goddess Hectate.

As America experienced a huge influx of immigrants during the 19th century, however, garlic slowly gained a foothold in the American palette.

While modern day experience cannot confirm garlic’s effect on evil spirits, it has been proven that garlic, at the least, will prevent a goodnight kiss at the end of a date.

For many years, garlic was shunned by Western cultures such as Britain and America because of the residual stench it left behind.

The Greeks used garlic to bring strength to their athletes at the Olympic games and in other contests, and employed it, as well, to help heal battle wounds. Another Greek, Dioscorides who is the favorite herbalist of OLD HERBALISTS like myself, who lived in the first century A. and is held in esteem as the founder of the modern pharmacy, dispensed garlic to treat rabid dog bites, snake bites, infections, bronchitis and cough, leprosy, and clogged arteries, as well as other conditions.

The ancient Romans carried the garlic medicinal practices of the Greeks forward. D.), personal physician to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and whose writings were to influence Arabic and western medicine for over the next thousand years, called garlic "the theriac of the peasants," an inexpensive near "cure all" for a wide variety of almost countless ailments.

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