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It’s even possible to have errors in your home’s public records — for example, if an unknown lien was placed on the property, or if conflicting surveys exist.Because problems with a title could be the result of past mistakes, there’s not much you can do to avoid them. In a situation like this, a little flexibility and patience can go a long way.Natural disasters can bring everything to a screeching halt, including your mortgage.

The seller may also neglect or forget to have something fixed by the closing date.The selection of starters are made up of the vegetarian Chef Ru’s red pepper soup; Bleddie warm chicken samoosas; fresh mussels in a curried coconut broth and a North African-inspired Chermoula meatballs.For mains, guests can choose between the curried butternut lasagne, the line fish jollof, Morrocan styled chicken; Nyama na kumba (beef sirloin skewered with prawns) and sticky glazed short ribs.To buy your house, the title must be transferred from the seller’s name to yours.But delays can crop up if there is some kind of rare problem with the title itself.

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