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K: Monsters In Little Kids by Sean Elwood (thedeadwalk2nite) Milk. But one day, something goes wrong, and inside every carton of milk is occupied by a tiny monster that transforms into a Hellish demon when inside the human body.The incidents that happens in the house will take place half of the script. But the dreamed boy when he comes out of his house, they really hit the ball inside.14 pages (Short) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Madalyn Murray-O'Hair by David Kaneen Atheist Madalyn Murray-O'Hair becomes the most hated woman in America when she has prayers banned in public schools.

An open-and-shut case, except for the irrefutable evidence (and laws of physics) that make it impossible for the body to be in the room in which it was discovered.The Madronians used to live in the area where Nobils now live.The story describes the modern technologies of that time, how did the humanity developed itself, and the young Madron king who will return the freedom to the Madronians and defeat Nobils.Set in the sexy backdrop of Miami, "The Madame's Call Girls" erotic lives and sexual escapades are narrated by the ghost that haunts their lavish Star Island brothel."The Madame's Call Girls" storyline explores the Sex Industry, promiscuity, Lesbian and Gay sexuality and the Black Hollywood Entertainment industry.

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