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Muscat is generally a tough spot if you’re a single guy expat. The competition for the few single Western women is pretty steep, especially with a lot of the real party girls dating mega-rich members of the extended Omani royal family. And even more amazed when he elaborated further to explain these were women!

The number of professional women decreased and women were forced into more traditional roles as "nurturers and caregivers." The Omani Women’s Association, the first women’s government-recognized group in Oman, was stripped of the majority of its independence and was passed to the male-led Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.This act gave the people more control in their government which had been previously in complete control of the royal family and his appointed cabinet.In the September 2000 elections, 83 candidates were elected for seats in the Majlis al-Shura, including two women.The gender equality was the next focus of the education reform, especially after Oman’s 1995 "Vision 2020" that focused on the country’s economic future.As a result, in 2003 to 2004, 48.4% of students were female and out of 32,345 teachers of both genders, 56% were female.

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