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Charlie Kaufman written films are known for their big, crazy ideas so for his directorial debut it's appropriate the ambitious movie has one of the trippiest, most memorable one-sheets of the year. It's got that Hitchcock vibe going, which works and perfectly presents the tone of the film.

A life-size replica of New York City inside a warehouse? The other character-centric versions weren't nearly as interesting as this.

When I first saw this poster I didn't like it at all. Actually though, despite being very busy, it is simple.

I thought it was boring and that banner hanging down on the right telling us to "WITNESS THE RESURRECTION OF MICKEY ROURKE" was an unnecessary distraction. It lets us know simply that we're in for a grindhouse-like experience.

If not, then it's among the funniest I've ever seen. The photo and style of print makes it look like one of those cheesy VHS covers from the 80's. But what I really want to see is a film set in the 80's with this poster on someone's wall in the background.

I might have to own this, except I worry after looking at it for a week the joke will get old.

Keach, a former actor turned director/producer, who is known for his close relationship with Johnny Cash, directs this tale about a blind Everyman looking for love.

Danny (the charismatic Chris Pine, SMOKIN' ACES) has been blind since birth, and has had trouble with women because of his overprotective family.

I liked the film a lot but wouldn't blame anyone who walked away from that film expecting more on the basis of this unsettling, terrifying image. I do appreciate that the studio going to great lengths to conceal the plot in trailers and commercials but unfortunately, that tactic doesn't play nearly as well in print. Here's a movie whose poster somehow actually lives up to its lazy, generic direct-to-DVD title.

However, when Danny is admitted to hospital for surgery to correct his sight, he meets Indian nurse Leeza (Jay).

As they begin to fall in love, Danny realises that he will have his work cut out trying to persuade her family that he is the right man for their daughter. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN) and James Keach (DISEASE OF THE WIND) team up to produce this romantic comedy that works hard to tug on the heartstrings.

While many (including myself) have been overheard complaining 2008 was a lackluster year for films, it was an incredible one for movie posters.

Last year I couldn't even come up with 10 deserving posters to fill a list of the best, but this time around there was such a plethora of great choices that I had cheat and squeeze even more in there, plus come up with a couple of new special categories.

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