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"But," he warned, '"ou must be prepared for this not to work. Taking a British-born lion, whose parents were also raised in captivity, is going to be a very different thing."Christian was flown to Kenya in a specially-made crate emblazoned with the words, 'East African Airways. "We looked rather different from everyone else in Nairobi. He'd come from winter in England, so had a very thick coat - he was almost as hairy as we were."Adamson wanted to drive straight to the Kora Reserve, close to the Tana river, where there was no human habitation.This, he felt, would be the ideal spot to build a camp.Amid all the pine and oak, stretched out languidly on a bench, there was a lion. Scroll down for more..."Christian used to lie beside me while I did the accounts at weekends," remembers Jennifer Mary Taylor, who worked there."And every so often, if I'd ignored him for too long, he'd sock me across the head with one of his great big paws. "Christian the lion (named by someone with a Biblical sense of humour) arrived in Chelsea at a time when the King's Road - home to Mick Jagger - was the very heart of the Swinging Sixties."A friend had been to the 'exotic animals' department at Harrods and announced, rather grandly, that she wanted a camel," says Rendall."To which the manager very coolly replied: 'One hump or two, madam?

Once, when he was brought along to a seaside picnic, he dipped his toes reluctantly in the water and intimated with a shudder that it was disagreeably cold.Because lions live and hunt in prides, and it is hard to impose a new male on an existing one, the plan was to introduce Christian into the wild in tandem with Boy, one of the tame beasts who had starred in Born Free.Together, they would form the nucleus of a new pride - and the whole project would be funded by a TV programme. Not long into the journey, Rendall ventured, "Mr Adamson, he needs to go to the loo."Adamson was impatient. If we stop here and he runs away, we will never, ever catch him." "Mr Adamson," promised Rendall, "that is not going to happen." The great Lion Man turned his head, sucked on his pipe and pulled over on the dirt road. Rendall picks up the story, "So he went tip-toeing along and went to the loo. Then he looked around and I said, 'OK, come on, back in,' pointed back at the car - and in he jumped.The furniture shop was on the King's Road in London.It sold tables, wardrobes, chairs and desks - but anybody peering through its plate-glass window on a Sunday might have noticed something rather more unusual.

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    If you have a dead fish lying around the house, make sure you take a picture with it and upload it to your Tinder or Bumble profile immediately.

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    The district is home to some of Dallas' most iconic moments, including the grassy knoll in memoriam to JFK, and a perfect spot for a walking tour of Dallas history.

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    Muž bez tváře (v americkém originále: The Man Without a Face) je americká filmové drama z roku 1993. Hlavní role ve filmu ztvárnili Mel Gibson, Nick Stahl, Robert De Diemar Jr., Margaret Whitton a Fay Masterson.

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    There is another obstacle; not only have we the men expressing themselves in impersonal poetry and the women keeping silence, but we have, in the few letters that have come down to us, a strange idiom; the language is unfamiliar, and, in translating it, half the meaning disappears; the urgency of passion or affection, of joy or hate, is lost, the personality behind the writing is obscured and the letter becomes a curiosity or a matter of purely academic interest.