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For Alison Spooner and her partner Dean Durrant's offspring have defied the odds - not once, but twice.

Seven years after having one black twin and one white twin, the 27-year-old mother has given birth to a second set of twins with different coloured skin at odds of one in 500,000.

'I was shocked when I first found out I was pregnant with twins again - but I never thought for one second they would turn out the same as last time,' Miss Spooner said.

'After the babies were born they weren't breathing properly, so they were taken to a special care unit.' The former recruitment consultant added: 'It wasn't until about five days after they were born that we saw them side by side for the first time.

So if you want to enjoy the mixed signals you’re getting, don’t rush in looking for answers. Do you feel like someone’s trying to glance at you now and then, but then they completely avoid looking at you some other time?

Or does the one you like flirt with you like they’re already in love with you, and then talk to you like just another friend the next morning? Just enjoy the game and look for opportune moments to get flirty again. So you’ve been playing at the mercy of this person until now. You behave like a friend when they behave like a friend.

This can cause complications during birth that can endanger the babies' lives.

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[Read: How to text flirt with a friend] What are mixed signals?Make sure you’re reading the signs properly or you may end up looking foolish.[Read: 12 ways to find out if a girl likes you] #5 Don’t fall for this person just yet. Mixed signals are mostly sexual, which means you need to create memories that would excite their sexual sides.You may like this person already, but don’t fall head over heels in love just yet. Sometimes, they behave like they’re attracted to you and sometimes, they don’t. Learn to get closer or create memories when they’re warming up to you.The exchanging of mixed signals could just be a silly game to pass the time. You could touch this person discreetly while walking past each other or you could sit really close to each other. But people don’t give out mixed signals just to play around.

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