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However, in December 2012 he was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree and charged with two offences of indecent assault which were followed, several months later, by nine more charges.One of those involved a girl who had been just 14 in 1996 when the assault was alleged to have occured.He later founded his own company promoting US names including Marlon Brando and Muhammad Ali in the UK press.When he fabricated the infamous story about singer Freddie Starr eating a hamster sandwich after a show in order to promote Starr's tour he became famous in his own right.He wasn’t thrilled, but for 12 straight months, the infamous predator did as he was told.Also at Until June 2006, when Whitmore planned a trip to Morinville, Alta.In 2000, Toronto residents tried to run him out of town, but he made an impassioned plea on national television: “I have control over what I do.” He didn’t.Detectives found him in a hotel with a 13-year-old boy.

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In 1989 he indirectly killed a story about brothel madam Pamella Bourdes by feeding information about one of her girls who was simultaneously seeing two newspaper editors, a Conservative minister and a billionaire arms dealer to the News of the World.

When he lived in British Columbia, Peter Whitmore followed the rules. For once in his life — for an entire year, in fact — Whitmore was a law-abiding pedophile. A notorious child molester, Whitmore’s rap sheet is full of repulsive crimes and empty promises.

And he was back home (at his aunt’s house in Chilliwack) every night by 10 o’clock.

The RCMP even issued a press release, warning that a “significant risk” to “male and female children” was coming to town for a three-day visit. By the time police found him again, two more young boys — 14 and 10 — had been kidnapped and raped. How could authorities lose track of such a dangerous criminal?

The answer is complicated, but one problem seemed obvious: Canada’s national sex offender registry.

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