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Boats and ferries sail the Adriatic connecting major ports with almost all the inhabited islands all year round, with many routes having a higher frequency of sailings during the summer months.Some catamaran services only operate during peak summer months – such as the G & V Line service from Dubrovnik to Korcula.There only exist routes from Croatia to Italy – there are no ferry routes from Croatia to any other European country.For more details, please see the Getting to Croatia by Ferry or Travelling from Italy to Croatia pages.The islands may be strewn with pines and olives but owners will have to pay extra to lease their own beaches, as they remain government property.Property in Croatia, is booming with brokers seeing a 20% rise in prices in some areas in just six months.If you’d like a bit more control over your sea travel, you can charter a boat.

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Actually when we came in, we were only sailing yacht moored in their marina (later on, one more charter sailing yacht came).

We had very good assistance from marina staff – and since it is very small marina, we were very surprised how pleasant they were, waiting for us and helping with the mooring.

Good thing is that they offered free mooring if we stay on lunch, 100 HRK fee if we would like to use electricity and water and stay couple hours, or 300 HRK for overnight stay with electricity and water (compared with other marinas, it is quite cheap! We have chosen option to stay for a lunch and not use electricity and water, as we just arrived from Komiža where we had mooring, electricity and water, and we planed already to overnight in other bay.

A string of tiny islands scattered off the Croatian coast are up for sale.

Located along the country's pristine coastline, the islands are said to be attracting attention from people with deep pockets and a taste for privacy.

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