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The Samsung Galaxy S5 SAS902L is available as two different phones with the same model number one homed on AT&T and the other on Verizon! The L83BG can be on either AT&T or T-Mobile and the L84VL is on Verizon.Non-smartphones with model numbers ending in "C" like the LG 501C and LG 220C all use CDMA technology and are homed on Verizon. These phones home network is Verizon but they will roam on other CDMA networks like US Cellular in areas where Verizon doesn't have coverage.Continue reading to learn how to tell which network these phones will use The Motorola V176, V170 and C139 and LG225 are also GSM phones that can be on either T-Mobile or AT&T.To tell if a GSM phone is homed on T-Mobile or AT&T: If you are buying the phone in a store look for the product number on the box under the barcode.

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Start by determining which of the three networks will give you the best coverage.

For the most situations, that blank dot is just a simple connection issue, whether with the login or network.

Trac Fone and its sister brands NET10, and Straight Talk, do not have their own networks.

Because this is almost always an indicator of a login error with your voicemail, the solution is usually* as simple as logging in with the proper voicemail password.

Note the usually*, because sometimes it can be indicative of network issues as well, but more on that in a moment.

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