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One can find and edit their push names under the Profile section of Whats App’s settings on mobile.Using push names, one will be able to search for users and begin a conversation.A cheeky winking emoji can serve as a blatant invitation for sex, or at least some sloppy tonsil hockey. Did she send you some gifs of cats getting up to adorable antics or did she send you Hitler raving with glowsticks?Did she send you some darling Mon-Mons and Bubble Pups or did she send you some bizarre and slightly disturbing Curly Petes?

Wow, I haven’t come across someone this flirtation-tone-deaf in a long while.

Since Whats App doesn’t have usernames nor does it allow its users to set the same, it will use something else: push names.

Push names are simply the names one keys in when setting up a Whats App account either afresh or on a new device.

Messaging applications like Telegram, We Chat and others have usernames.

You can search and add someone using their @username without ever having to know their phone number.

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