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You see them differently."The great X factor with Bellucci, whom I have now interviewed on several occasions, usually somewhere exotic such as Venice or Cannes, is that she oozes sex appeal and confidence.

She was a law student before turning to modelling and, in turn, acting.

The Italian beauty, the oldest Bond girl ever at 50 in "Spectre", told AFP that she had learned to accept "seeing my face change" but she was not averse to a little help from Photoshop. The actress, now 52, said when she watched her latest film, Emir Kusturica's "On the Milky Road", she noticed that she had "lines around my eyes and everywhere. "I didn't say to myself, ' Oh my God, it's monstrous!

She said she was glad that magazines were airbrushing less than in the past and that the public was learning to love stars' little "imperfections". ' No, I think it is charming," said the mother of two.

I am still a sexy woman - sex is very much in the mind - and I am one of the few actresses in the past who has not objected to naked scenes."I can never see what the fuss is all about."And the Italian actress, who tactfully refuses to name the role she rejected in the past, explains: "I was not ready.

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However, the practice has become widespread on social media even as celebrity magazines are regularly attacked for making stars look too perfect.As for Bond himself, she's in no doubt who has been the best. "He was the first and the one I remember watching as a girl when his old films were on TV.Daniel is an excellent Bond but Sean was so sexy."Perhaps it destroys some of the magic when you work with people.Some 50-year-old women complain about being 'invisible' to men."It does not have to be that way.It is a matter of energy and soul, not a matter of age of the body.

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